A C T O R  T R A C K


"So you say it's time. Time to get unstuck, to clean out your tool box, to throw away those tricks and explore new ways to get TRUTH, go deep, be authentic, AND FIND INSPIRATION AGAIN. 

That's what GROUNDSWELL is about -- that is why we even exist-- to help, guide, and inspire you to break new ground in your craft. spend ten intense days with us -- ten days devoted to theatre, to art, to movement, to script analysis, to character development, to play, to confidence, to connections to a community of people looking for their own next step.

I can't wait to get started with you." 




We are now enrolling for the 10-Day Intensive, Nov. 9-18th, 2015. To be sent an application for GROUNDSWELL's Actor Track, please contact us HERE.


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